When investing in roofing and siding for your home, understanding the warranties that accompany these materials is crucial. A solid warranty can provide peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected against potential defects or premature deterioration. At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we emphasize the importance of not only selecting high-quality materials but also understanding the warranties that support them. This guide will help Chilliwack homeowners navigate the complexities of warranties on roofing and siding materials.

Types of Warranties

Warranties for roofing and siding materials generally fall into two categories: manufacturer’s warranties and workmanship warranties.

Manufacturer’s Warranties: These warranties come from the company that produces the roofing or siding materials. They typically cover defects in the manufacturing process that could lead to material failure within a specified period. These warranties can vary significantly depending on the material and brand, covering anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime.

Workmanship Warranties: Offered by the contractor who installs the roofing or siding, these warranties cover errors related to improper installation. At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we provide robust workmanship warranties to ensure that any installation-related issues are promptly addressed without additional cost to the homeowner.

What Warranties Cover

Understanding what is covered and what is not is vital. Most manufacturer’s warranties on roofing and siding materials will cover:

Material Defects: Issues that arise due to flawed manufacturing processes.
Durability: Certain warranties may cover excessive fading, chipping, or deterioration under normal weather conditions.

However, warranties often have exclusions, such as:

Improper Installation: Problems caused by incorrect installation are typically not covered under manufacturer’s warranties, which is why a workmanship warranty is essential.
Acts of Nature: Damage from severe weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, or unusually heavy snowfall might not be covered.
Normal Wear and Tear: Gradual deterioration that occurs through normal aging and exposure to the elements.

Length of Warranties

The duration of warranties can vary based on the material and manufacturer. For example, metal roofing materials might come with warranties lasting from 30 years to a lifetime, while asphalt shingles might have shorter terms. It’s important to review the duration of the warranty as part of your decision-making process.


Some warranties, especially manufacturer’s warranties, are transferable to new homeowners if you sell your house. This feature can be a selling point, as it assures potential buyers that the roofing or siding is still under warranty. Transferability terms can vary, so it’s important to check the specifics.

Making a Warranty Claim

Understanding the process for filing a warranty claim is crucial. Keep all receipts, documents, and a copy of the warranty readily accessible. In the event of a problem, contact the manufacturer or the installation contractor, depending on the nature of the issue. Timely communication is key to resolving warranty issues efficiently.

At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we understand that a well-informed homeowner is a satisfied customer. We strive to provide not only the highest quality roofing and siding materials but also comprehensive information about their warranties. Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one in Chilliwack, understanding the warranties on roofing and siding materials can significantly impact your long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.


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