Choosing the right Contractor can be difficult, in the Fraser Valley there are many to choose from. Here are some key points to review when choosing the right contractor for your project.

1. Years in Business: Typically, a contractor who’s been in business for long period of time, is doing well. However, this should never exclude other things to investigate before you hire.

2. Staff: Does the contractor have employees? Enough to get the job done? Some may think the more manpower the better. This is not the case, quantity will never beat quality. A small crew of highly experienced people will be more efficient than a larger crew, every time.

3. Overhead: When contractors have more bills to pay, their prices go up! Getting multiple quotes will reveal how much your project should cost, however, make sure all the contractors you invite to bid on your project, are bidding on the same scope of work.

4. Trade Qualifications: Hiring a contractor with formal trade education is crucial! Somethings will never be learnt with field experience only. The contractor and all staff should be qualified or actively pursuing qualifications. Ask to see your potential contractor for their proof of trade qualification.

5. References: Seems basic. From Google Reviews to a list of previous clients you can call, sometimes this doesn’t quite tell all. The contractor should showcase their own projects online and provide previous project addresses upon request. You would be surprised of how many contractors use stock photos or showcase projects that are not their own!

6. Warranty: Any contractor who is good at what they do will have no issue leaving a warranty for every project. Any investigation into a claim should never be charged, regardless of fault. In addition, material warranties (if applicable) should always be registered with the manufacturer and submitted to the client prior to the contractor getting the final payment.

7. Proof of Project Quality Assurance: It’s not common, but any contractor willing to submit photos of the steps of the project to the client, has nothing to hide and will never cut corners. There are not many other ways to ensure that you are getting what you paid for.

8. Insurance: Will you be protected against an accident? The contractor you hire should have a minimum of 5 million liability insurance, advanced clearance with WorkSafeBC and hold a valid business license for your city. You can recover from a project that doesn’t go well if you only hire a contractor with these assurances.

At CrossRange all these items and more are included with every project quotation!


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