The climate in Chilliwack can be unforgiving to your home’s roofing & siding. Every season brings unique conditions which affect your property. Let’s take a closer look at the climate impact on your home.


Higher temperatures cause roofing & siding to expand. As these materials expand, they exert pressure on the fasteners that hold them in place. Sometimes this force is too much, and the material frees from the fastener. Materials installed tightly together can push against another and buckle. If your siding has rainscreen and your roof has a professionally designed air circuit, then your home is well prepared for extreme summer temperatures.


Falling leaves can accumulate in gutters and restrict water drainage, this can potentially lead to excess water flowing down the fascia & siding. On a flat roof, this problem can be magnified greatly depending on the slope. The lower the slope the more water & weight can develop.  


Lower temperatures cause roofing & siding materials to contract. As this happens material my pull away from sealants or other joined materials and begin to crack. In Chilliwack, we are known for a great deal of rain during the winter time, when rain is combined with snow, freezing and thawing can occur. This will allow snow to melt and saturate roofing & siding then freeze again, lifting and dislodging materials. If your roof has ice & water shield and your siding has a vapour permeable barrier then your ready for winter!


With excess rainfall comes high humidity, this can really test your home’s roofing & siding. Not only will water find any weak spots in your home’s exterior, but Chilliwack’s spring rain will saturate materials, limiting the performance.

Long Term Impact

As the years go by, the cycles of expansion and contraction, UV exposure, falling leaves/debris and rainfall can deteriorate your home’s exterior. Some conditions to look for are faded or flaking paint and rotted trims on your siding. Accumulated debris on your roof, brittle or damaged roof materials.

Have your roof and siding checked out by one of our experts and see where your home stands against Chilliwack’s climate!


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