Whether your home has a flat roof or a sloped roof, it needs maintenance. A well-maintained roof lasts longer and allows you to correct any issues, before damage occurs.

Water can penetrate your home in three different ways:

1. Bulk Water Leak: This is the common leak, where water breaches exterior assemblies and protective membranes and enters the home.
2. Air Leakage: In cooler months, if warm air “known as conditioned air” leaks out of the building and contacts the cold attic or outside air, condensation can occur.
3. Diffusion: This happens when water is obsorbed through materials.

Routine roof maintenance gives you the opportunity to inspect your roof’s condition. Professional assessments can make all the difference in preventative maintenance.

Your Maintenance Should Include:

• Cleaning debris out of gutters & the roof surface
• Removing & replacing failing sealants
• Seal exposed fasteners
• Replace degrated materials
• Check the roofing materials for seal
• Replace fasteners pushed up by the roof deck
• Correct any water tracking found around vents & valley flashings

Ultimately a roof without maintenance will not last as long as it should!

At CrossRange we service many roof maintenance agreements with professional care and let you know right away if your roof needs more than maintenance. Contact us today for a free estimate!


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