British Columbia’s rich tapestry of history is vividly reflected in its historic homes, which dot the landscape from bustling Vancouver to the serene reaches of Chilliwack. Preserving these architectural treasures requires a specialized approach, particularly when it comes to roofing and siding restoration. At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we take pride in our expertise in restoring the exteriors of historic homes, ensuring they retain their original charm while being fortified against today’s environmental challenges.

Understanding the Importance of Historical Integrity

The restoration of historic homes is not merely about maintaining physical structures. It’s about preserving a tangible link to our past. This makes the process of restoring roofing and siding not just a matter of repair but of careful preservation and attention to detail. Historical integrity involves matching materials and construction techniques as closely as possible to the original, which requires a deep understanding of historical architecture and the era-specific building methods.

Challenges in Historic Roofing and Siding Restoration

Material Matching: One of the biggest challenges in restoring historic homes is sourcing materials that match the original as closely as possible. For roofing and siding, this might mean finding hand-split wood shingles for a roof or sourcing custom tiles that replicate the originals used a century ago.

Modern Compliance: While maintaining historical accuracy, it’s also crucial to ensure that the restored roofing and siding comply with modern building codes and efficiency standards. This can involve integrating modern waterproofing membranes under period-accurate shingles or using insulated siding materials that mimic the old styles.

Skill and Craftsmanship: Restoring historic homes requires a level of craftsmanship that goes beyond standard building practices. It requires artisans skilled in old-world carpentry and roofing techniques, as well as a keen eye for historical detail.

CrossRange’s Approach to Historic Restoration

At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., our approach to restoring historic homes in BC is rooted in respect for historical integrity and a commitment to modern performance:

Detailed Assessment: We start with a thorough assessment of the existing roofing and siding, identifying areas of damage and noting specific historical features that need to be preserved or replicated.

Collaboration with Historians: Where necessary, we collaborate with local historians or historical societies to ensure our restoration work aligns with historical documentation and preservation standards.

Using Appropriate Materials: We source high-quality materials that match the historical period of the home while providing modern durability. This might involve custom orders for roofing tiles, shingles, or siding pieces that are made to measure for each project.

Modern Techniques for Longevity: While we strive to be historically accurate, we also incorporate modern techniques and materials that increase the longevity and energy efficiency of the homes we restore. This includes using breathable waterproofing underlays that protect the structure without compromising the outer historical aesthetics.

Preserving BC’s Heritage

Restoring the roofing and siding of historic homes is more than a construction project; it’s an act of preservation that keeps the rich history of British Columbia alive for future generations. Whether it’s a Victorian beauty in Victoria or a century-old farmhouse in Chilliwack, each project is a step towards preserving the architectural legacy of our province.

At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we are honoured to contribute to this important work, ensuring that every home we restore remains a living piece of history, equipped to stand strong against the test of time.


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