When the skies clear after a storm in Chilliwack, BC, the aftermath may reveal that your home’s roof or siding has been damaged. As the first line of defence against the elements, it’s crucial to address these damages promptly and properly. CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd. has compiled a list of essential do’s and don’ts to help you navigate the post-storm recovery process effectively.


1. Do Conduct a Safety Check
Before inspecting any damage, ensure it’s safe to do so. Watch for downed power lines, standing water, and structural damage. If there are any doubts about safety, wait for a professional.

2. Do Document the Damage
Take clear photos and videos of all the damage for your records and for insurance purposes. Detailed documentation can support your claims and ensure a more straightforward process.

3. Do Cover and Protect
Temporary measures may be necessary to prevent further damage. Cover broken windows and holes in your roof or siding with tarps or plywood but only if it’s safe to attempt.

4. Do Contact Your Insurance Company
Reach out to your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the damage. They can guide you through the claims process and may offer recommendations for assessment and repairs.

5. Do Choose a Local Expert
For repairs, choose a trusted local contractor like CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd. A local company understands the specific challenges of the Chilliwack climate and can provide tailored solutions.

6. Do Insist on a Written Estimate
Any reputable contractor will provide a comprehensive written estimate for the repair work. This should detail the scope of work, materials to be used, and an estimated timeline.


1. Don’t Ignore Damage
Even minor damage can lead to significant problems if left unaddressed. Water can seep into your home, causing structural issues and mold growth.

2. Don’t Choose Just Any Contractor
Avoid rushing into a decision to hire a contractor without proper vetting. Post-storm, many ‘storm chasers’ appear offering quick fixes. Always research and choose established, reputable professionals.

3. Don’t Attempt DIY Repairs if Unsure
While DIY can be tempting, improper repairs can lead to bigger problems and might void warranties or insurance claims.

4. Don’t Wait to Act
Delaying action can not only cause further damage to your property but may also impact the validity of your insurance claim.

5. Don’t Pay in Full Upfront
A trustworthy contractor will not require full payment before the work is completed. You should expect a reasonable down payment with the balance due upon satisfactory completion of the job.

6. Don’t Sign Anything Under Pressure
Take your time to review all contracts and understand the terms before signing. High-pressure tactics are a red flag.

Dealing with storm damage can be stressful, but knowing the right steps to take can ease the process. Remember, the key is quick and careful action, paired with the expertise of trusted professionals like CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd. We stand ready to restore your home’s roof and siding to their optimal condition, ensuring your peace of mind through every season in Chilliwack, BC.


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