CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd. is dedicated to bringing the most innovative and high-quality solutions to our clients in Chilliwack. This commitment is reflected in our business relationship with AL13® Architectural Systems, renowned for their cutting-edge cladding solutions. The quality, versatility, and modern design of AL13® products are in perfect harmony with our mission to deliver superior siding services.

AL13® Architectural Systems: Redefining Cladding

Since 2011, AL13® has transformed the cladding industry. Their mission to make ACM cladding systems more accessible has resulted in a range of products that epitomize modern design and ease of installation. AL13®’s panel, plank, and batten systems represent a benchmark in quality and aesthetic appeal in the industry.

Why We Choose AL13® Panel Systems

Our focus at CrossRange is primarily on AL13®’s panel systems. These aren’t just visually appealing; they are built for resilience, tested rigorously for fire, rain, wind, and overall durability. Certifications like ULC-S134, ULC-S114, AAMA 508 and ASTM E330 affirm their safety and reliability.

Ideal for Diverse Structures

AL13®’s systems shine in their adaptability to various structures and ease of installation. This versatility makes them an optimal choice for new constructions, retrofits, or upgrades, enhancing property value and return on investment. The panel system, in particular, is favoured for its contemporary look and minimal maintenance needs.

Exceptional Customer Service and Installation Oversight

One of the most impressive aspects of AL13® is their exceptional customer service. They are proactive in overall project support, ensuring that products arrive as specified and technical resources are available to assist with efficient and high-quality installations. This technical support is crucial in achieving the high-quality finishes that CrossRange and our clients expect.

CrossRange: Committed to Top-Tier Products

At CrossRange Roofing & Siding Ltd., we continually seek out the best products and systems for our customers. Our use of AL13® Architectural Systems is a testament to this commitment. We are fully equipped to incorporate their panel, plank, and batten systems into various projects, delivering top-tier, modern, and durable siding solutions.

Incorporating AL13® into Our Services

Integrating AL13® Architectural Systems into our service offerings is part of our ongoing endeavour to provide the best for our clients. These systems enable us to offer modern, durable, and aesthetically appealing solutions, suitable for Chilliwack’s diverse climates and geographical conditions. With CrossRange and AL13®, clients can expect nothing less than the pinnacle of architectural innovation and quality in their siding projects.


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