Rain… Chilliwack has lots of it! Good thing your home is protected by a good roof! Or is it? All roofs need maintenance, some more than others. Here are some key things to look for:

Roof Checklist

1. Gutters & downspouts are installed securely and drain effectively
2. Roof is clear of moss and other debris
3. Roofing installed around vents has room for water to flow past
4. Flashings are not lifted or damaged
5. The roof surface has no cracking and lays flat
6. There is no ponding water on the roof
7. The roofing still has a good seal
8. Water diverter flashings are installed

If your roof doesn’t pass this checklist, it’s time for a checkup! CrossRange has a friendly and certified staff that would be happy to help! We offer free roof inspections with written reports, so you can know before you spend!


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